Emotional Workouts

What could you achieve with an in-shape mind?

In just 8 minutes a day, you can train the voice in your head to treat you nicely so you can do, get, and be anything you want.

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Make your thoughts make sense.

What do you do for your mind?

You wake up. You brush your teeth. You take a shower, comb your hair, eat your breakfast...all things you do to make sure your day goes right. And yet...

What holds us back in life?

It's always the negative chatter that weighs down our minds.

Face it, for most of us, the mind is the biggest buzzkill at the party. That awful naysayer who ruins the vibe.

Imagine having a mind that tells you to go for it. A mind that overrides the impostor voices and persuasively says, “You can do this.” A mind that’s your friend. One you don’t need to drown out or shut up. One you actually believe when it tells you how capable, powerful, and brave you are.

That’s a mind that’s in shape. And you can get yours in shape in just 8 minutes a day.

Workouts For Your Well-Being is like your own expert mind trainer.

Make your thoughts make sense.

A personal training program for your well-being.

It’s the first of it’s kind, and with step-by-step emotional workouts, grounded in the best philosophy has to offer, you can become the best, more true version of yourself, one workout at a time. Want more Joy in your life? Want less anger? Want to stop worrying what others think? It’s this, and more, all waiting for you.

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Junk Food Thoughts

Our mind is a bright, blue sky. And bad thoughts can be like stormy clouds ruining our day. But it doesn’t have to be that way - it can be different. By changing our relationship to our stormy thoughts, we can get our heads in shape and feel lighter, clearer, and more free.

The Fear Workout

Tame Fear and Learn to Live Side By Side With It


The Dread Workout

Stop Feeling Weighed Down, Start Feeling Alive


The Imposter Workout

Stop Making Decisions That Aren’t From The True You


The Physical Pain Workout

Identify the Link Between Emotional Distress and Body Pain


The Judgment Workout

How to Stop the Inner Judge From Destroying Your Life

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The Assumptions Workout

Start Living in Reality and Stop Making Assumptions


Taking it Personally Workout

Feel Hurt By Life? Here’s What To Do


The Self-Talk Workout

Your Self-Talk is Hurting You - Here’s How To Stop it


The Significance Workout

How to Get Out of the Way and Do The Work


The Anger Workout

How to Stop Being So Pissed Off and Deal With Your Emotions


The Righteousness Workout

There's No Right and Wrong, Only Reality


The Blame Workout

Stop Copping Out and Own Your Life


The Victim Workout

Become the Agent of Your Life


The Shame Workout

You’re Flawed, You’re Imperfect, But That’s Okay


The Bravery Workout

Take the Risks that Matter and Choose Your Life


Nutritional Thoughts

Everyone needs healthy food to keep their body in check. And with the mind, you need the clarity to pump your head with the best nutritional thoughts you can give it. These workouts are focused on one thing - install the right thoughts in your head, one workout at a time.

The Storytelling Workout

The Story You Tell Yourself Is Who You Become


The Surrender Workout

How To Let Go of What You Can’t Control and Be Free


The Boundaries Workout

Live From Your True Self, Not By Other People’s


The Outcomes Workout

How To Carve Your Path and Live Intentionally


The Speak Impeccable Workout

Build Integrity in Your Word

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The Curiosity Workout

How To Jumpstart Your Curiosity and Open Up to the World


The Thoughts Workout

How to Control Your Emotional Habits and Your Thoughts


The Self-Worth & Love Workout

How to Discover Your Self Worth and Start Loving Your Self


The Growth Workout

Start Getting Better, Everyday


The Authenticity Workout

Become Your Truest, Best Self


The Celebration Workout

Celebrate Wins, Get Happier


The Joy Workout

Discover Joy through the Art of Abundance and Non-Attachment


The Self-Compassion Workout

How To Be Nice to Yourself (And Stop Being So Mean)


The Time Workout

Stop Being a Victim to Your Schedule and Start Running the Show


The Gratitude Workout

How to Practice Gratitude and Start Loving What You Have


The Faith Workout

Remaining Resilient in the Face of Adversity


The Talent Workout

How to Cultivate Talent, Grow Your Skills, and Prosper


The Compassion Workout

Build Your Compassion Muscle and Feel Connected to Humanity



Want more joy in your life? Ready to start something new, but fear is in the way? Tired of worrying about what others think of you? Life can bring us an array of issues to deal with but the best way to solve them is to deal with them head on. These Routines combine the best emotional workouts together so you can fix your problems and start living better. Check out the Routines to see which one suits your needs.

Being Authentic

Want to feel more authentic?


Finding Happiness

Want more joy in your life?


Learning Confidence

Tired of worrying about what others think of you?


Start a New Path

Ready to start something new, but fear is in the way?


Laura Coe's Emotional Workout Training Program

(and More!)

Think workouts, but for your well-being. If you're ready to start living the life you want, but - for years - that life has felt pretty elusive, trust me, I get it. That's why I started the first training program - from the best of what thousands of years of philosophy has to offer - for your mind. And, it's about 100x more fun than actually going to the gym.

Here's what you get

Workouts for your well-being

Imagine the timeless ideas from ancient philosophy blended with the perfect fusion of today's best self-help and spiritual leaders. These workouts distill philosophy and modern spirituality down in to an actionable, ultra-simple workout. Most people read books, but don't act. Now, with a framework, full-color PDFs, and beautiful videos - all grounded in real, ancient philosophy - you're going to be just one training program away from unlocking your best self.

The Wisdom of 1,000's of years worth of philosophy - all at your fingertips

Rumi, Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, Aristotle, Kristnamurti, Quine, Buddha, even the Sutras....imagine if these were your personal advisors. Imagine having thousands of years worth of philosophers, all in your pocket, ready to help build - one step at a time - your best life. And imagine, most of all, if everyday, they all had your back. Well, now, with each and every workout, they do. You're one click away from having the best mentors of your life.

Breathing and Meditation Techniques Exlained

(without the fluff)

If there was a pill that was guaranteed to make you happier with notable side effects including less stress, less anxiety, less fear, and a happier, more playful you, would you take it? Well, that pill exists. It's called meditation. And - while it's simple - most people still don't try it. Who has the time? If you want to dig into the nuance of how breathing and meditation actually work (without the woo-wah), take the dive with me - I'll get you there in minutes!

Lose Emotional Weight in Minutes

Life weighing you down? Here's your solution: The less emotional weight you have, the closer we you can get to your best self - our authentic self. And the way to lose that weight, is to workout. Now, with the best, easy-to-digest philosophy at your fingertips, you can lose emotional weight and lose it fast. No Sweating Required.

Join a Community of Inspired People Who Want to Help You Get Better

You know how just being in a gym can excite you to workout, even when you're at your laziest? Now, with an amazing Facebook community, you can get that feeling, every time you log on. Get exclusive access to the private Facebook group, where you can join people on their path to becoming better people, everyday - share your stories and learn from other's who have been there.

Get an Emotional Training Program Personalized To You

If your legs need work, does doing only neck exercises make sense? The truth is that the one-size-fits-all approach to self-help isn't doing you any favors. People are different and so are you. Get a personalized training program with the Emotional Obesity Scale. From Fear to Anger, this Scale's got it all and can identify your problem spots in seconds - try it out today!

More Content, For Life

Everyday, I'm trying to make sure that I'm pumping out the best material I possibly can (15,000 words and 35 audios, and counting). If you join, all updates, future resources, and exclusive content belongs to you. When you join, you'll get access to some of the best stuff I have to offer. And trust me - I can't wait to share with you.

Laura Coe

I am Laura Coe

I am an author, coach and happy to say I am finally living a life that is perfect for me. But that was not always the case…

Several years ago, I was 30,000 feet in the air with tears running down my cheeks. On the surface, I had everything most people would associate with success: I’d built a multimillion dollar business and sold it to a Fortune 500; I had a loving partner and a beautiful three year old; I was even teaching yoga classes on the side.

All the boxes were checked…but underneath, something still wasn’t right.

Why was I unfulfilled even if I had achieved the things we equate with success? Because my pursuit of success wasn’t based on an inner sense of purpose or fulfillment but on others’ definitions of success. These so-called “successes” had piled on in layers over the years until I had lost my true self somewhere deep inside. I had become emotionally obese. But what was I going to do about it?

On that one plane ride I made the most important decision of my life. I committed to finding my true self.

Through a daily emotional workout routine, nutritional thoughts, and other tools, I learned to peel back the layers, shed the emotional weight, and learned TO be happy. I made a commitment to a new way of life, a commitment to finding my very own true path.

Now, I spend my time sharing those lessons and emotional fitness tactics as a certified coach to help other people–just like you and me – to get in the best emotional shape of their life.

Are you ready?